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About Us.
About Us

Together in 2018, Gerd Zisterer, Glen Friesen and Jordan Jacobsen started Supernova Welding and Fabrication, which has since grown exponentially into a successful business in Calgary, AB. Supernova Welding and Fabrication carries a Certification of Authorization Permit from the Alberta Boiler Safety Association as well as an AP Permit from the B.C. Technical Safety which certifies us to fabricate, modify and repair pressure piping according to ASME B31.3 code.

Glen Friesen.

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Glen was born and raised in Southern Alberta, began his apprenticeship in 1996 in Lethbridge and graduated from Lethbridge college in 1999 with an Alberta journeyman welding certification and Red Seal. In 2006, he began B Pressure Welding and carries certifications for both stainless and carbon steels. For the past several years, Glen’s services have grown to include fabricating, installing and servicing equipment for the industrial and lab gas industry.

Jordan Jacobsen.

Jordan grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and started welding at the age of 18, finishing trade school in 2009. He acquired his journeyman certification later in 2011, and became a B-Pressure Welder in 2013. He specializes in TIG welding on non-ferrous metals for cryogenic applications, as well as sanitary and medical installations.




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Gerd has over 20 years experience in the mechanical trade, and has specialized his skills towards pressurized and cryogenic gas systems. He considers his knowledge of the market to be one of his greatest strengths, and knows his clients will benefit from his background in the cryogenic industry, allowing him to see possibilities where others may see restrictions. His services include: the sale, design, estimate and planning of multiple projects related to the delivery and consumption of different gas applications, including industrial gases Hydrogen, Argon, Oxygen, CO2 and LNG. Gerd also organizes, develops and oversees preventative, corrective and periodic customer plant maintenance programs, as well as specializing in market analysis, potential market targeting, budgeting and project management, and business guidance and defining growth strategies.

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Our Services

Our Services

Supernova Welding and Fabrication Inc. are experts in:

Cryogenic Manifolds and Piping

Fabrication, repair and modification.

Specialty Gas Installation
Pressure Welding

Steel, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Laboratory Gas Installation
Custom Fabrication & Modification of Pressurized Systems
Plant Maintenance &
Shutdown Coordiation
Vacuum Jacketed Pipe Installation
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